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Financial incentives and skilled labor attract many companies to Ireland. (aerospace industry)

Financial incentives and skilled labor attract many companies to Ireland

There is a lot more to the Irish aviation industry than Aer Lingus. Airmotive Ireland and GPA, the three names that most frequently come to mind when Ireland is mentioned in air transport circles. There is now a burgeoning Irish aerospace industry with numerous foreign --notably U.S.--companies providing its backbone. Garrett, International Controls, Sifco and Westinghouse are among the U.S. manufacturers which have established subsidiaries in Ireland to produce aviation related components. Many of the 100 electronics companies in the country are directly or indirectly connected to the U.S. aerospace industry.

In the last 20 years over 860 foreign companies have started operations in Ireland with a labor force now totalling some 80,000. In the "free zone' around Shannon International Airport alone there are 97 manufacturing and service enterprises affiliated with foreign companies and employing 4,400 staff. The Shannon Free Airport Development Company lists the U.S. aviation-related companies operating in the free zone as: Westinghouse Electric (electronic systems); SPS Technologies (precision fasteners and tools); International Controls (aircraft arresting systems); DHL (small package delivery service); Simpson Industries (special cutting tools); and Jana (technical manuals). …

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