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Editorial: Paris reflections. (Paris Air Show)

Editorial: Paris reflections

The 37th Paris air show has come and gone. It is time to hang up the nor' easter, the umbrella and the galoshes and try to determine what it all meant. Boy, did it rain, nearly every day. The only airplane there that looked at home was the Claudius Dornier Seastar, which could have passed its water operations testing without leaving Le Bourget.

One of the pleasures of the Paris show is the flying. The rain at this year's event caused a lot of problems for participant and spectator. Even some of the high-tech, all-weather fighters came out to the runway, appeared to sniff the air and head back for cover on a couple of the days, seemingly content to leave the tough flying to the turboprop commuter transports and business aircraft.

Two of the most interesting airplanes at Paris were the Beech Starship and the Piaggio Avanti, which flew almost every day despite the weather. …

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