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AD OPTing pref bidding

TWA reaps financial benefits from letting pilots customize their flying lives

If TWA's 2,800 pilots are looking a little happier than usual these days, credit the new Preferential Bidding System from AD OPT Technologies of Montreal that was implemented systemwide in July.

TWA's bean counters are smiling as well, because PBS not only allows pilots to exercise almost complete control over their working lives but saves the company money in the process. "It's really a win-win for both sides," says Rick Cannon, managing director-crew resources.

In effect, PBS reverses the traditional method of staffing flights wherein the airline develops crew pairings that conform to regulatory and contractual requirements and uses these to build monthly lines of flying, with pilots bidding on the line that most closely matches their personal preferences. With PBS the process starts with the pilot, who selects from a list of preferences such as flying at specific times of the day or month or to particular destinations. The system then weights these preferences and melds them with the pairings to build a line for each pilot. …

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