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Jean-Claude rolls again. (effect of advertising industry mergers on aeronautic advertising, humor) (column)

Jean-Claude rolls again

If you recall, when we last visited the Paris Air Show, we left our hero, Jean-Claude Croissant, test pilot extraordinaire, just as he was advancing the throttle of the new Fauxpas 42 multiroll (sic) fighter for the first flight, as the air show crowd held its breath alongside the fabled Le Bourget runway (ATW, 8/85).

The crowd was impressed with the sleekness of the new Panillusion creation, offering the best of the consortium's three nations, France, Britain and West Germany. They were still buzzing at the boldness and confidence displayed by the Panillusion Consortium in making the first flight of the untried weapons system a public event. Savoring the moment, Croissant advanced the fly-by-light throttle. His faithful co-pilot, Bernard Bidet, flushed with excitement. The crowd gasped as the 45,000 lb. thrust Catastrophique 53 turbofan roared into life, the orange flame of the British brown-n-serve reheat system licking at the cool French morning air.

But, just as quickly as the Fauxpas 42 sprung to life, it suddenly let out a gasp of its own. …

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