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Long hot summer. (pressure on air lines and controllers fare safer airport traffic management) (editorial)

Editorial: Long hot summer

The airlines here in the U.S. are taking a lot of heat, and summer is just beginning. The public grumblings about poor service and flight delays are being joined by those from Congress. Senators and representatives are firing salvos at both the airlines and the federal government, more specifically the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which runs our airport and airways system and the Department of Transportation which runs the FAA.

Focal point for all of the controversy is the reauthorization of the 1982 Airport and Airways Trust Fund which expires later this year (ATW, 5/87). Extensive committee hearings have been going on for weeks in both the Senate and the House, and they have become splendid forums for discussing the state of our airline system. Not since deregulation have so many issues been raised. The arguments range all over the lot and cover standards of service, fairness in pricing, delays, adequacy of the air traffic control system, safety, just about everything. …

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