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Will four go into two?

                           Fortress U.S.             Primary        Passenger  Airline     Hubs           share  American   Chicago        32%             Dallas         63%             Miami          56%             San Juan       59%  US Airways Baltimore      43%             Charlotte      93%             Philadelphia   58%             Pittsburgh     90%             Primary        Passenger  Airline     Hubs           share  United     Chicago        51%             Denver         78%             Los Angeles    33%             San Francisco  63%  Delta      Atlanta        85%             Salt Lake City 77%             Cincinnati     77%             Dallas         25*  *ATW estimate  SOURCE: Merrill Lynch,BT Alex. Brown.                      Did someone say "Concentration?"                  Domestic        System  Airline     marketshare* marketshare *  American           18.0%         18.9%  US Airways          9.1%           74%  Combined           27.1%         26.3%  United             18.2%         21.4%  Delfa              18.8%         17.6%  Combined           37.0%         39.0%  Northwest           9.9%         12.7%  Continental         8.1%          7.8%  Combined           18.0%         20.5%  Percent of Major airline RPMs.  SOURCE: U.S. DOT      

Proposed domestic alliances could run afoul of federal regulators' new attitude

Probably in the history of modern corporate America, no Fortune 500 chief executive ever lost his job because he jumped on a bandwagon or ran with the herd. As much as anything else, this may help to explain the recent marketing alliances between American Airlines and US Airways, and Delta and United, which took off in late April despite the presence of remarkably strong political headwinds across the flight paths. …

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