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Dash 8 fits right in with America West's Boeings.

Dash 8 fits right in with America West's Boeings

To fast-growing national carrier America West, the two de Havilland Dash 8s that joined its fleet of Boeing 737s and 757s in March and May are most definitely not "commuter airplanes.' In fact, says Daphne Dicino, director of corporate communications, "I fired someone for using that term in a press release.'

The Dash 8s are instead, says Senior VP-Operations Don Monteath, "like all our other aircraft purchases, a piece of equipment to fit a market.' The market in this case consists of short-haul, low-density routes feeding America West's Phoenix and Las Vegas hubs.

Since launching its low-fare, high-quality brand of service on Aug. 1, 1983, with three Boeing 737s, America West has grown (largely through the attrition in the U.S. airline industry) into the second-largest national carrier behind Southwest. Its fleet of two (soon to be six) 757s, 49 737s and two (soon to be three) Dash 8s serves 40 airports in 12 states and carried 7.1 million passengers in 1986. The 757s, originally destined for Republic Airlines, were purchased early this year to fit long-haul markets to the U.S. East Coast. And to fit some really short markets, it operates luxury "Careliner' buses between one of its Phoenix gates and the satellite communities of Scottsdale and Mesa, offering complete flight checkin service at the bus terminals. …

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