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Europe. (World Airline Report 1986)


Adria: The Yugoslav carrier chalked up another excellent year in 1986 as passenger boardings climbed 14.5% to 1,450,413, RPKs jumped 16.6% to 1.45 billion and freight surged 19.5% to 3.6 million FTKs.

The year also was an outstanding one financially, with revenues soaring 21.9% to $98.6 million while expenses were rising only 13.3% to $85.7 million. Operating profit more than doubled to $12.9 million from $5.2 million, while net income rose to $2.78 million from $1.79 million.

Adria has placed an order with Airbus Industrie for five A320s to join a fleet that now comprises four McDonnell Douglas MD-82s, one MD-81, two DC-9-51s, two DC-9-32s, one DC-9-33 and two de Havilland Dash 7s.

Aer Lingus: The Irish national airline, had a slight increase in traffic in 1986 as its plans for a big year were damaged by the general fall-off in North Atlantic traffic. Aer Lingus' RPKs rose 1.4% to 3.06 billion. Carrier is forecasting a 7% increase in 1987. During the year Aer Lingus opened two domestic routes and ordered two Boeing 737-300s for delivery this year. Financial data were not available.

Aeroflot: The world's largest airline experienced an unaccustomed slowdown in its traffic growth in 1986 as its international passenger traffic declined while domestic traffic rose only slightly and freight remained level.

Total passenger boardings were up 3.1% to 115.7 million, RPKs increased a bare 0.2% to 188 billion and freight showed no change at 2.69 billion FTKs. On Aeroflot's international services, passenger boarding were down 4.8% to just over 3 million and RPKs were off 1.2% to 11.6 billion, but FTKs rose 4.3% to 214.5 million. On domestic routes the situation was reversed, with boardings rising 3.3% to 112.7 million, RPKs up 0.3% to 176.4 billion and FTKs down 0.4% to 2.48 billion.

Aero Trasporti Italiani: Traffic growth slowed at Alitalia's domestic subsidiary in 1986, but remained healthy. ATI posted increases of 3.3% to 4,584,976 in passengers, 7.6% to 2.48 billion in RPKs and 13.3% to 8.76 million in FTKs for the year.

Air Atlantis: TAP-Air Portugal's charter subsidiary carried 550,641 passengers in 1986, a 48% increase over the 1985 total, and took in revenues of $56.86 million. The carrier flies three Boeing 727-200As and two 727-100s.

Air Charter: Growth slowed at Air France's charter subsidiary in 1986 after two years of rapid increases in traffic. Air Charter carried 1.6 million passengers, down 11.1% from 1985, attributing the decline to a depressed French market and "fierce' competition in areas like Greece.

Air Ecosse: The Scottish independent airline suspended operations early this year because of the severe decline in traffic on its oil-industry-dependent routes to and from Aberdeen. The courts have appointed an interim administration to attempt to salvage the carrier, which had linked nine cities with five Shorts 330s.

Air Europa: The Spanish affiliate of Air Europe launched service this spring with a fleet of five leased Boeing 737-300s.

Air Europe: The British charter carrier's traffic dipped 4.2% in 1986 to 2.17 billion RPKs. Air Europe is in negotiations with Boeing for purchase of five 757-200s and five 737-400s. It also is applying for authority to launch scheduled service out of London-Gatwick in November.

Air France: A decline in passenger traffic but a healthy increase in freight marked 1986 at France's flag carrier. Boardings dipped 3.6% to just over 12 million and RPKs were down 3.5% to 27.6 billion, but FTKs rose 11.2% to 2.68 billion. The decline in RPKs was the first since 1968.

Despite what it described as "a difficult year marked by a weakening dollar and terrorism in Europe,' Air France, by adjusting capacity judiciously and cutting costs, managed once again to post a profit, reporting a net of $93.5 million, down from $112.9 million in 1985, on revenues of $4.47 billion, down 8.5%.

Six aircraft--an Airbus A310, two Boeing 737s, two 747 Combis and a 747 freighter--were added to the fleet last year. In 1987, Air France expects to finalize an order for 16 747-400s to replace its early 747-100s and 747-200s. It also is studying a possible purchase of seven A340s.

Miami and San Francisco were added to the route network last year, and this year will see the addition of Boston, Santo Domingo, and 12 new European destinations.

Air Inter: Another year of good traffic growth was posted by the French domestic carrier in 1986. Passenger boardings rose 11.1% to 11,806,118, RPKs were up 11% to 6.4 billion and FTKs jumped 19% to 19.4 million. Air Inter expects to carry 12.5 million passengers this year.

AirMalta: A reviving tourism industry sent traffic soaring at the Maltese carrier in 1986. Passenger boardings climbed 21.8% to 813,166 while RPKs jumped 17% to 1.45 billion. Even greater growth of 32% in passengers and 41% in RPKs is forecast this year. …

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