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Carrier interest strong in BCAL-Sabena joint venture. (British Caledonian Airways, Sabena Belgian World Airlines)

Carrier interest strong in BCAL/Sabena joint service London--Joint service operated by British Caledonian Airways Ltd. and Sabena Belgian World Airlines between Brussels, Gatwick (London) and Atlanta may be a model to be copied by other medium-sized airlines as a defense against the inroads into their markets by the new breed of "mega-carriers."

Next to get together could be Sabena and Scandinavian Airlines System. At this writing both are engaged in a series of feasibility studies covering the possibility of linking up a wide spectrum of activities, including long-haul and European services, hotels, catering and leisure interests.

SAS told ATW from Stockholm, "There is no question of a full-scale merger between the two airlines because that is politically unrealistic in Europe. But we have taken our cue from the U.S. where we have watched the mega-carrier trend, and we can see that something like that will happen here. The most important point is that the SAS and Sabena managements share the same views as to what is going on in Europe." BCAL and Sabena started their joint service last October, using a Sabena Boeing 747 Combi, Sabena flight-deck crew, and cabin staff drawn jointly from the two airlines under Sabena direction. Under the agreement drawn up between the two airlines, BCAL has 62% blocked space of the total seats to sell and market.

BA puts up fight

British Airways was quickly off the mark to protest the joint service to the Civil Aviation Authority. …

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