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IPTN becomes Indonesia's technological 'leading edge.' (Indonesian Aircraft Industries)

IPTN becomes Indonesia's technological 'leading edge' Bandung, West Java--Indonesian Aircraft Industries (IPTN-Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara, P.T.) is finally becoming a "viable entity in world aviation," company President Dr. Baharuddin Habibie says. IPTN has a modest, but healthy number of orders in hand for its latest fixed-wing aircraft, a memorandum of understanding signed with three major manufacturers for the joint development of a high-technology regional airliner, and a small, but fairly consistent operating profit showing on its books. The company has also become the leading edge of Indonesia's goal to establish a viable technological base in this relatively undeveloped Third World country. In addition to his post as IPTN president, Habibie is Indonesia's Minister of Research and Technology. He is the prime force behind the establishment of the country's aircraft industry.

Ending its tenth year of operation with sales of $230 million, IPTN is "not yet in a league with Boeing or McDonnell Douglas," says Surasno Paramajuda, director of commerce. But the government-owned manufacturer holds agreements for subcontract work with both of the U.S. giants and has attained 35% offset rights from General Dynamics for production of F-16 parts. IPTN currently produces both helicopters and commuter-size fixed-wing transports, and weaponry systems for its own aircraft. It is also an approved overhaul facility for most of the commercial aircraft engine manufacturers in the world.

FAA certification of CN-235

At the end of 1986 IPTN entered a new era in its drive to become an internationally recognized aviation manufacturer when it received U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) type certification for its first "in-house design" aircraft, albeit one based on existing technology, the 44-seat CN-235. The Indonesian manufacturer was a partner with Spain's CASA in the development of the twin turboprop, an outgrowth of CASA's NC-212 Aviocar. In December IPTN delivered its first production model of the co-designed, co-produced CN-235 to state-owned Merpati Airlines, a significant event in the growth of manufacturing for the nation. …

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