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Embraer on the grow. (Embraer SA)

Embraer on the grow San Jose dos Campos, Brazil--As Brazilian manufacturer Embraer nears the end of its second decade in business, the company plans to continue expanding its use of high technology and diverse product lines to assure its future. And already it has been an extraordinary 17 years for Brazil's only aircraft manufacturer. Since opening its doors with the Bandeirante in 1969 Embraer's production lines have turned out more than 3,500 units, for an average annual production of more than 200 aircraft.

Throughout its history Embraer has shown an ability to meet the needs of Brazil by supplying products that perform in the country's demanding environment. For the international market, the company kept pace by designing increasingly sophisticated products for a variety of specialized markets.

Witness the emergence of increasingly sophisticated aircraft from the factory here. For example, Embraer's current projects include serial production of its hot EMB-120 Brasilia, a 30-seat transport; continued sales of its successful Tucano, a 750 shp Pratt & Whitney Canada-powered military trainer; a collaborative deal for Ireland's Short Brothers to produce a Garrett-powered 1,100 shp version on the Tucano for the U.K.'s Royal Air Force; a partnership with Aermacchi and Aeritalia to design and build the AMX jet fighter; continued production of a broad line of general aviation aircraft through its subsidiary Industria Aeronautica Neiva S.A., known simply as Neiva; and in what must be the supreme challenge, a partnership with Argentina to design and manufacture a replacement for the EMB-110 Bandeirante, the company's very first commercial product, which is still in production.

The upcoming EMB-123, the EMB-110 replacement, still lacks a colorful name like its older cousins Bandeirante and Brasilia--the former named after pioneers who opened up Brazil's western frontier against the wishes of their Portuguese masters; the latter named in honor of the nation's capital city. …

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