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Spec 2000 weds airline procurement systems to new automated technology.

Spec 2000 weds airline procurement systems to new automated technology Kansas City, Mo.--The Air Transport Association (ATA) has invested about a quarter of a million dollars in Spec 2000, a new automated parts procurement system that is expected to save the airlines and their suppliers many times that amount over the next few years. The system was introduced formally at the ATA Pruchasing-Supplier Industry Forum here.

Spec 2000 is, in effect, an enormous, centralized electronic catalog of catalogs and a computer-to-computer ordering system. It litsts the products, prices, availability, and lead or delivery times of the many manufacturer and supplier products the airlines buy. It speeds the order and delivery process, reduces paperwork, replaces suppliers' printed catalogs and price sheets, and should eliminate most, if not all, billing errors. More than one million part numbers are currently carried in the Spec 2000 data base.

Unlike ATAhs AIRS program (Airline Inventory Redistribution System), a centralized data base of the airlines' excess inventory plus suppliers' stocks, both unused and refurbished, Spec 2000 deals only with new or unused items and is primarily a repository for data from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), distributors and companies that have FAA authorization to reproduce OEM items. …

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