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Airport oasis. (Reagan Administration airport policy) (editorial)

Editorial: Airport oasis It seems almost unsportsman-like to pick on President Ronald Reagan at this point, considering all os his problems explaining his comical shenanigans with the Ayatollah and his curious band. But we shall try to be as positive as possible, and perhaps we can even offer a way out, something for the Reagan administration to ponder for its remaining two years.

The subject, of course, is the airport and airways system here in the United States and its position on the brink of disaster unless some leadership grows out of the White House to set a proper course for the future.

It is the numbers that scare you. The figures for airline traffic here in 1986 are astounding. The Air Transport Association estimates that when final tallies are made for 1986 the U.S. airlines will have carried 415 million passengers for the year, 9% more than flown in 1985. Growth this year is expected to be the same (see our forecast this issue).

Even more frightening are these figures when viewed from the experience this past summer when the airport/airways system in the United States finally began to show signs of breaking down completely. …

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