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Sophisticated training available to regionals. (regional airlines)

Sophisticated training available to regionals

As the wave of advanced regional airliners continues to wash up on industry shores, operators increasingly can count on the latest in high-tech training for their flight crews, and on adaptations of large-airline programs for their maintenance and cabin crews, thanks to independent academies and factory training centers dedicated to the task.

At these schools, regional airline staff members receive training on a par with that of their larger partner carriers. It's simple logic: training, particularly when flight crews learn on simulators, requires less money, time and aircraft use when accomplished outside the carrier's operating environment. And though large airlines often own and operate their own simulators, commuters and regionals have been prevented from setting up similar facilities because of high costs.

All the existing and planned facilities mentioned below use FAR Part 121 training standards. Where noted, their simulators are designed to FAA Phase 1, 2 or 3 performance standards. Phase 1 simulators are used to renew licenses of pilots with recent experience on the applicable aircraft. …

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