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Emotions and issues kept securely under wraps at AGM. (International Air Transport Association annual general meeting)

Emotions and issues kept securely under wraps at AGM

If one word describes the 42nd Annual General Meeting of the International Air Transport Association, it is "overscheduled.'

On the one hand, IATA has succeeded admirably in increasing membership in recent years, to a healthy 147 airlines. That boost is designed both to spread influence, and give a much-needed boost to the dues base. At this month's Montreux meetings the big issues were all there. They were listed on the big slide show screen during the presentations: slumping profits, terrorism, skyrocketing insurance rates, to go along with user charges and taxes, etc., etc. They were all hanging up there for all the delegates to see, and perhaps pray over silently. But these and any other concerns of the IATA member airlines were not to be discussed or debated, especially not debated. …

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