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IATA faces major issues ... but not at the AGM. (International Air Transport Association; annual general meeting)

IATA faces major issues . . . but not at the AGM

Superficially, the 42nd annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association was as placid as Lake Geneva, which lapped the congress hall. But beneath the surface the senior airline people present were worried by such diverse subjects as the prospect of further terrorism, a trend towards governments making them act as tax collectors, the deregulation of baggage rules beginning April 1, 1987, and a warning by Gunter Eser, director general, that the industry would lose up to $800 million after interest in 1986.

Surprisingly, in the light of past records at IATA AGMs, where there had always been dissenting voices, the meeting passed unanimously a resolution condemning "murderous terrorist attacks,' and calling on member airlines to ratify the various conventions against such activities. The resolution also pledged full support for action by ICAO aimed at adoption by all nations of an international instrument for the suppression of acts of violence at airports.

All of the Arab carriers agreed on the motion, the only delegate speaking to it being Dr. S. Shabazi of lran Air, who suggested that unless IATA and other bodies took a more effective role against violence, "the safety and efficiency of air transport . …

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