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Innovativeness abounds in inflight tableware.

Innovativeness abounds in inflight tableware Innovations in airborne tableware probably began the day the first item of food was served aboard an aircraft. The box lunch is still with us, but the box is a far cry from the cardboard carton in which early passengers received their sandwiches. The lids covering BonFaire America's disposable trays contain top or side openings through which heated entrees can be slipped without disturbing the remainder of the meal. Holland's De Ster produces a front-loading box that allows entrees to be placed on trays without removing trays from their carts, and it has sold some 25 million since the new box was introduced just over a year ago.

Abco containers

To meet a requirement from Pan Am for a practical means of feeding late-night travelers, Abco Trading of New York designed what will stand as the ultimate box until the next innovation comes along. This container for snacks or cold meals consists of two stacked boxes taht are served in a carryall bag imprinted with the Pan Am logo, giving the passenger the option of either eating the meal on the spot or taking it along to eat later. …

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