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The Pacific. (the growth of pan-pacific commercial flight) (editorial)

The Pacific Looking into the future with economists is an interesting experience. They are roundly criticized when they are wrong, and often when they are right, criticized for being too vague, etc. It is seldom, however, that economists are as much in concert as they appear to be about expected growth of the airline industry in the Pacific.

Airframe manufacturers all have their economists and they point out some interesting things about prospects for the Pacific. They note that general economic development among the Pacific rim nations is outpacing the rest of the world and will continue to do so for the rest of the century. A McDonnell Douglas report notes for starters that a real economic growth rate of 10% is "phenomenal" for any nation. It means that such a nation has doubled its economic activity in only seven years. Taiwan has surpassed the 10% growth rate 11 times since 1960, Hong Kong nine times, Japan, the Republic of South Korea, Singapore and the Peoples Republic of China eight times each. …

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