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DLT: first in Europe with Embraer EMB-120. (DLT-Deutsche Luftverkehrges mbH)

DLT: First in Europe with Embraer EMB-120 Frankfurt--Ten years ago, when the Germany regional airline DLT linked the 1976 Olympics city of Munich to Inssbruck with a de Havilland Twin Otter service, the idea of operating of Brazilian-built commuter transport in Europe would have seemed remote, but the Bandeirante made the first inroads. The Royal Air Force choice recently of a new trainer could hardly have been expected to favor a Brazilian design, but the Tucano was selected, even though it would be license-built in Britain.

Now, Embraer has pulled off a hat trick with the sale of its EMB-120 Brasilia to DLT (ATW, 8/86, p. 118). Why the airline chose the type of how operations have built up is worth recording.

DLT's origins lie with air-taxi company Ostfriesisch Lufttaxi, formed in 1958 and as this company expanded from Cessna twins through Britten-Norman Islanders to Twin Otters there was a succession of name changes until the present DLT emerged in September 1974. The growing commuter services required more capacity and eventually six Shorts 330s and two Twin Otters were on strength by 1979. …

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