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Lou's corner. (air traffic control history)

Lou's Corner Fifty years ago when the U.S. government assumed control of all air traffic control services and facilities, there were only six airport control towers; now there are 400. There was a coast-to-coast network of four-course radio ranges, airway rotating light beacons and some non-directional radio beacons. Low-frequency, static-plagued radio systems made clear and accurate communications difficult.

The 11 U.S. airlines flying a fleet of 272 Douglas DC-3, Boeing 247 and Stinson Tri-motor type transports carried 1,020,931 air passengers in 1936. U.S. carriers in 1985 carried more than one million passengers daily in 3,500 aircraft.

Recently, several old-timers of the air traffic control system recanted to ATW several fascinating facts. …

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