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Airlines and aviation. (air lines should do more to make passengers more aware of flying and airplanes) (editorial)

Airlines and aviation

Aviation is a fascinating field. I think the airlines should get into it. That is a pretty outlandish thought, I suppose. Obviously the airline industry is an important part of aviation, but it seems that here in the U.S. the airlines are doing their best to disassociate themselves from the wonders of aviation. This is particularly true with the larger airlines, especially since deregulation.

We have talked to people in and out of the airline industry, and there are many thoughts on why the industry leaders have become so blase' about the airplane. First there is a pretty good argument that people in general have become disinterested in airplanes, aviation and the industry have been around for a long time, and most people today more or less grew up with the airplane as an accepted part of their lives.

In the early days the people running airlines were a little different from the ones running the industry now. …

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