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Three legs of a stool. (effect of deregulation on aircraft design) (editorial)

Three legs of a stool

As I see it, one of the most regrettable casualties of deregulation is the reduction in technical design expertise of the U.S. airline industry. As long as 40% of all the passengers in the world that board airplanes on a given day do so in the United States, I believe the U.S. airline industry will be remiss if it does not regain its former level of technical design excellence . . . and once again play a key role in two very important areas. The first of these areas is airline participation in the development of FAA operational and certification criteria for both existing and new aircraft. The second area is in-depth technical and operational guidance to manufacturers in the design of new aircraft.

Like that of the airlines, the technical expertise of the FAA has also suffered in recent years. This shortcoming was highlighted by the Low Committee in 1980; recommendations were made to correct the problem, but as yet little has been done. …

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