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Swedair: preparing European liberalization.

Swedair: Preparing for European liberalization

European commuter airlines have a promising future as a result of the liberalization of air services which is beginning to move across the continent, according to Karl-Erik Strand, president of Swedair, the Swedish regional which operates scheduled services, executive and charter services, and specialized flying for the military.

"A couple of years ago, we operated on the backyard of aviation,' Strand told ATW here. "Now the commuter airlines are in the center of things. We used to feed passengers to the big airlines free of charge. I do not believe that will be the case for the future. There will be a closer association than in the past, and that will give the commuter airlines a much better position in negotiations. I think that the next phase will be for the big airlines to establish commuter subsidiaries.

"About two years ago, SAS decided to set up their own commuter operations department. Today, I can see it very strongly when I discuss with SAS that they are not too happy with the solution. It is a special operation when it comes to the technical and operational know-how, and the aircraft. …

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