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Europe. (air line statistics) (23rd Annual Market Development Report )


Adria: The Yugoslav carrier, which has changed its name from Inex Adria, had an excellent year in 1985.

On the traffic side, RPKs jumped 14% to 1.25 billion, passenger boardings rose 6% to 1,267,204 and FTKs soared 77% to three million. Adria is forecasting increases of 9.3% in passengers and 4.8% in RPKs this year.

On the financial side, revenues were up 33.9% to $81 million to double operating profit to $5.2 million from $2.3 million in 1984. Net profit rose to $1.79 million from $1.09 million.

Aer Lingus: An increase in RPKs but continuing declines in passenger boardings and freight traffic were posted by Ireland's flag carrier in 1985.

RPKs rose 4.4% during the year to just over three billion, but passenger boardings dipped 3.5% to 2.1 million.

Aeroflot: The biggest airline in the world enjoyed good traffic growth in 1985, largely because of significant gains on its international sectors.

Aeroflot carried 112.5 million passengers in all of its operations last year, 2.5% more than in 1984. International boardings jumped 10.5% to 3.5 million while domestic boardings actually declined a slight 0.4% to 109 million.

System RPKs were up 2.3% in 1985 to 187.5 billion. Again the biggest gains came on international services, which increased 3.4% to 11.7 billion and now comprise 6.3% of Aeroflot's system total. Freight and mail traffic rose 2.7% to 2.8 billion FTKs, with the international portion growing 14.4% and now comprising 12.7% of the total.

Sources report that Aeroflot's international operation generated slightly more revenue in 1985 than the $617 million reported in 1984.

The Russian carrier's fleet activity is not widely reported, but various sources estimate a fleet size of more than 3,000 including agricultural and utility aircraft. Aeroflot is believed to have about 75 wide-bodied II-86s in service, and turbofan-powered Yak 42s are said to number about 50. Basic long-range international transport is still the II-62, of which there are about 170 in service including some 100 of the newer II-62Ms with larger engines.

Aeroflot was slated to resume its service to the U.S. in late April.

Aero Transporte de Espana: The Spanish cargo carrier did not report traffic data to ATW, but listed its fleet as two Douglas DC-3 freighters.

Aero Trasporti Italiani: The Italian domestic carrier's merger with Aermediterranea and the transfer to ATI by parent Alitalia of several domestic routes sent traffic soaring in 1985. Passenger boardings surged 30.7% to 4.28 million and RPKs jumped 39.2% to 2.2 billion.

Air Charter: The charter subsidiary of Air France and Air Inter carried 1.8 million passengers in 1985 and earned $181 million in revenues and a "handsome' profit. Comparative 1984 data were not provided by the carrier.

Air France: Healthy increases in traffic and profits marked 1985 at France's flag carrier. Passenger boardings last year rose 3.7% to 12.5 million, RPKs were up 2.2% to 28.6 billion and FTKs increased 3.6% to 2.5 billion.

On the financial side, Air France posted a net profit of $100.7 million on revenues of $4.33 billion, which were up 8.9% from 1984 when net profit was $76 million.

Air Inter: The French domestic carrier's traffic continued to show good gains in 1985, with passenger boardings rising 3.7% to 10.6 million, RPKs climbing 3.6% to 5.79 billion and freight increasing 3.8% to 493.5 million FTKs.

The financial ledger saw a net profit of $8.7 million on revenues of $787 million.

The carrier, which is the world's largest operator of the Airbus Industrie A300 with 14 in its fleet and three to be delivered, is expected to become a launching customer for the A330. It also has 24 A320s on order.

AirMalta: Traffic continued to grow at AirMalta in 1985, with increases of 2.9% to 1.2 billion in RPKs, 0.2% to 663,000 in passenger boardings and 21.7% to 4.27 million in FTKs.

In its 1985 financial year, the carrier took in $79 million in revenues and posted an operating profit of $17.3 million, down from $19.3 million the previous year. Net profit fell to $1.9 million from $2.9 million.

Alisarda: The Italian carrier had another good year in 1985, posting increases in both traffic and profits. …

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