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UDF readies for flight test. (Unducted Fan, turbine-drive propfan)

UDF readies for flight test General Electric's turbine-drive propfan Entry, the Unducted Fan, got back on track last month when the demonstrator engine resumed its series of ground runs in preparation for flight tests on a Boeing 727 testbed.

Certification of a production UDF now is planned for December 1990, according to Bruce Gordon, G.E. manager of strategic planning and business development operation. the certificated product, called the G.E. 36, will include a new technology core. A good deal of component design work already is underway. Gordon said, leading up to a decision in early 1987 to go for the certification development program after the 727 tests are complete.

The demonstrator also will fly on the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 testbed in April-June 1987, before the Allison 578-DX flies. …

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