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The thing on the cover. (airframe and engine manufacturers) (editorial)

The thing on the cover The major airframe and engine manufacturers that supply the world's airline industry are once again going through a period of transition. This time it is good news. The airlines are doing well again after a trying period of challenge and trial during the first few years of the decade.

The world's airlines should be able to report another operating profit for 1985 when the figures are all added up later this year. It probably will not be as good as 1984's, but substantial nonetheless. It will be the third in a row. Airline fleets are getting older, and now airlines appear to have some money to spend.

The new airline enthusiasm for buying new transports was reflected in 1985 sales figures for the big three airplane builders and the smaller ones as well. It was a boom year that nobody we know of predicted. McDonnell Douglas, for example, published its forecasts last fall predicting requirements for 1,100 new transports of all types with 110 seats or more by the end of this decade. …

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