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Pressure on Airbus increasing to make TA9-TA11 decision. (Airbus Industrie)

Pressure on Airbus increasing to make TA9/TA11 decision Toulouse--Airbus Industrie, the European consortium based here developing the A300, A310 and A320 family of airliners, has been coming under increasing pressure from airlines and leaders of the air transport industry in Europe to commit itself on its next two projects--the twin-engine TA9 and the four-engine TA11.

Leaders of the consortium, which has as its main partners aerospace companies in France, West Germany, Britain and Spain, have been told that if no decision to begin comes by the spring of this year a group of airlines, led by Swissair, will consider buying the rival McDonnell Douglas MD-11.

How much this is a ploy by the airlines in an attempt to force the hand of Airbus is difficult to assess; most of the European airlines would undoubtedly prefer the advanced technology which would be incorporated in the TA9/TA11 projects. But, on the other hand, they could find themselves in a capacity crisis by the end of this decade if they wait much longer for Airbus to make a move. …

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