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What fuel crisis? Which fuel crisis? (editorial)

Editorial: What fuel crisis? Which fuel crisis? Ben J. Wattenberg, one of the gurus at the conservative American Enterprise Institute think tank, authored a book in 1984 called, "The Good News Is The Bad News Is Wrong." In it he cites the trend of the news media toward the negative. He claims that things here in the United States are much better than we think, that we shouldn't pay so much attention to all the gloom and doom emanating from the news media. We are all doing pretty good.

I am not so sanguine about things in general, but Mr. Wattenberg does have a point about the oil crisis that was supposed to cause all sorts of problems for most of civilization for a good long while. You probably remember it, the one that begins its first major festering with the Arab oil boycott during the 1973 Arab-Israeli conflict, then broke out more intensely with the revolution in Iran in 1979. It was the crisis that sent kerosene prices up to $1.05 per gallon in the U. …

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