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Piedmont shuttle targets Florida Business market.

Much of the competition in the U.S. under deregulation has been in the nature of a 260-lb. fullback charging straight ahead into the line in a football game--pure bowl-'em-over power plays, strength versus strength. Piedmont, on the other hand, has been more like a 180-lb. scatback, making spectacular advances by darting and weaving around the opposition's power, avoiding direct confrontations.

First evidence of this tactic was the creation, one after the other, of three nubs where before there had been no hubbing activity--Charlotte, Dayton and Baltimore/Washington.

Business traveler targeted

Now another advance has been racked up by Piedmont in its creation in Florida of a jet intrastate network. And, in a state where liesure traffic reigns supreme, Piedmont targers what always has been its bread and butter, the business traveler. …

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