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Commuter-regional engines. (aircraft engines)

Commuter/regional engines

Avco Lycoming ALF502R:

The AFL502 series of engines have been successful. There are three engines in the series. A new version, the 502R-7, is in development and will be used on the new British Aerospace 146-300 series aircraft. The dash 7 will be rated at 7,500 lbs. of thrust. The 502R-3, rated at 6,700 lbs., is used on the BAe 146-100. The third engine in the series, the 502R-5, is on use on the BAe 146-200 and is rated at 6,970 lbs.

Specifications (ALF502R-5)


Length 56.8 in.

Diameter 41.7 in.

Weight (basic dry) 1,270 lb.


Pressure ratio 12.2

Bypass ratio 5.7

Thrust 6,970 lb.

General Electric CT7:

General Electric's CT7 turboprop engine powers the Saab-Fairchild 340 and is currently is in flight tests on the CASA-Nurtanio CN235. Based on the T700/CT7 turboshaft engine, the CT7 turboprop first entered service with Crossair of Switzerland in June 1984. Since then it has entered service with other commuter regional airlines including Comair, Swedair, Birmingham Executive, Air Midwest and Kendell on the SF-340 airliner. …

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