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Developmental airframe. (new airplanes)

Developmental airframes

Aerospatiale/Aeritalia ATR 42:

The ATR 42 received European JAR 25 certification in September of this year and Aerospatiale/Aeritalia's joint venture made its U.S. debut in late October via a 5,000-mileplus 16-city demonstration tour, visiting potential customers. Air Littoral accepts the first airplane for operations in November and Command Airways takes delivery of its first unit in January. Current orders for the $7 million transport total 53 and 37 options. U.S. FAA certification was expected in October.



Length 74 ft. 6 in.

Span 80 ft. 7 in.

Height 24 ft. 11 in.

Cabin length 45 ft. 6 in.

Cabin width 8 ft. 5 in.

Cabin height 6 ft. 3 in.

Seats 42-50


Maximum takeoff weight 34,720 lb.

Maximum zero fuel weight 31,965 lb.

Empty weight 21,185 lb.


Two Pratt & Whitney PW120 turboprops, 1,800 shp ea. with Hamilton

Standard 14SF 4 bladed propellers.


Maximum range 2,500 nm

Maximum payload range 500 nm

Cruise speed 275 kts.

TO field length, max. load (SL,ISA) 3,545 ft.

Service ceiling 25,000 ft.


Price: $7 million

Orders: 53

Options: 37

Aerospatiale/Aeritalia ATR 72:

A stretched version of the ATR 42, the ATR 72, is now a firm program committed to production. Nearing design completion, the stretched aircraft will seat 66 to 72 passengers, up from the 42 to 50 seat capacity of the ATR 42. The first flight is planned for April 1988, with certification expected by early November of the same year. Finnair has converted part of its ATR 42 order to the ATR 72 based on promises of cockpit commonality and expected common type ratings. Selling price for the new transport is $8.65 million.



Length 87 ft. …

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