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Transport sales brisk, despite industry uncertainties.

Transport sales brisk, despite industry uncertainties

Many observers perceive the past twelve months as the year of the marketing agreement for the commuter/regional industry. What impact has this had on the airframe and engine manufacturers?

Two years ago with the Allegheny Commuter system well into its second decade, the practice of large carriers sharing their CRS two-letter code with any other airline remained relatively isolated. Enter 1984. Eastern linked with Eastern Metro Express in January. Delta Air Lines adopted three partners in June and labeled them "The Delta Connections.' Piedmont, too, took a feeder system for its own that year by purchasing Henson Airlines. And in the waning weeks of 1984, American Airlines inuagurated its American Eagle network. Busy year, 1984.

The practice exploded, spreading rapidly until all 12 major airlines in the U.S. and one national shared their two-letter CRS designator with at least one commuter or regional airline. Dynamic year, 1985.

The issue of shared designators still sharply divides the airline industry. Commuter/regional airlines have also unsuccessfully battled bias on CRS screens. And indecision at the Department of Transportation has allowed the shared-code proliferation and claims of CRS bias to continue while the DOT studies the issues. …

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