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The gap. (deregulation, European and American airlines) (editorial)

Editorial: The Gap

It might be hard to believe, but deregulation is still a hot topic. It has been almost seven years since the airline industry here in the United States began its free enterprise adventure. Now the Europeans are having a go. They don't call it deregulation; they prefer "liberalization,' but in many ways it means the same thing.

Pressure for change in the way the large European airlines conduct their business is coming from several fronts. Consumer groups are active as are some politicians in the various European nations, much as they were here in the U.S. But in Europe there also is pressure from the European Economic Community's transport commission which has been threatening to take airlines to court under Common Market restrictive practices legislation. And, like some U.S. airlines, there are some European carriers which are pushing for more freedom to do as they please in the marketplace. …

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