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IATA members continue productivity gain.

International Air Transport Association member airlines continued to register gains in productivity in 1984, but at a somewhat slowed rate compared with other years in the 1980s. IATA members (see table) inceased their total revenue tonne-kilometers per employe 5.8% in 1984 to 115,539 RTKs per employe, about the same percentage gain as in 1983. Passengers per employe went up only 2.8% last year to 479, somewhat less improvement than that shown for 1983.

The IATA carriers increased their revenue passenger-kilometers per employe to 879,649 in 1984, a 4% gain over 1983, again down somewhat from the 4.8% gain registered in 1983. And finally, revenue per employe went up 2.1% for the IATA group last year with each employe generating an average of $80,947 (U. …

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