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Cabo Verde Airlines emerges from obscurity.

Praia, Cape Verde Island--If there were a contest for the world's least known intercontinental airline, the winner would undoubtedly be Transportes Aeroes de Cabo Verde (TACV), the official Portuguese language name of the Republic of Cape Verde's national carrier.

Until this spring, Cabo Verde Airlines, as it calls itself in English, confined its operations to linking the principal islands of the 275,000-population republic and twice a week connecting the capital, Praia, with Dakar on the African mainland. Then, in what is likely to prove the first stage in a major expansion program, TACV started service to Lisbon. That city was chosen because of the special relationship between the Cape Verde Islands and Portugal--the islands were under Portuguese rule for 515 years, until 1975.

Weekly flights

To achieve its first intercontinental operation, TACV worked with another airline of a former Portuguese colony, Mozambique's LAM. It so happened that LAM's McDonnel Douglas DC-10 was scheduled to arrive in Lisbon form Masputo on Friday mornings and return Friday evenings. There was ample time for the aircraft to fly down to Sal, the principal airport of the Cape Verde Islands, and back to Lisbon, and thus a TACV charter of the LAM DC-10 was arranged. …

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