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The saga of Jean-Claude Croissant. (satire) (part 1) (column)

It was indeed a courageous decision to allow the first flight of a new high-technology warplane at a public air show. But the new French, British and West German PanIllusion consortium had supreme confidence in the concept and engineering of its new high-performance Fauxpas 42 multiroll strike fighter. In addition, the executives of this new manufacturing group knew that the Fauxpas 42 was in excellent hands, public air show or no. For at the controls in the early morning hours of the opening day of the Paris Air Show was none other than Jean-Claude Croissant, test pilot extraordinaire.

Jean-Claude, bred in Paris, was no half-baked throttle jockey or run-of-the-mill crumby test pilot. He loved flying, and certainly was not in it simply for the dough. He had been in many jams, several of them while perfecting his famous crescent roll maneuver. …

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