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The Dutch peanut scored, as did the Brits at Paris. (new generation aircraft)

It has been gradual, and you may not have noticed, but two established European planemakers, British Aerospace and Fokker, are growing more troublesome to their larger competitors. Lately known to their smaller transports, the two firms are sneaking with their BAe 146, ATP and Fokker 100 into markets where previously only Boeing, Airbus Industrie and McDonnell Douglas have dared to tread.

Two of the bigger incursions have been the BAe 146 sales to Pacific Southwest Airlines and the Fokker 100 sales to Swissair and KLM. There will probably be more as large carriers seek replacements for their short-haul requirements currently served by aging BAC 1-11s, DC-9s and 737s.

"We view the ATP (advanced turboprop) as the ideal replacement for several older designs in the fleet," explained Christopher Mollan, business development manager for BAe.

Similarly, Fokker officials stressed the economics of new-generation aircraft like the Fokker 100 jet. …

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