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Now comes the hard part. (skyjacking aftermath) (editorial)

At this writing, the skyjacking of TWA Flight 847 has ended. All of the hostages but one are home safe with little more than bad memories of the whole incident. The one, U.S. Navy diver Robert Stethem, is dead, murdered by one of the three Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah anti-Civilization group members who took over ill-fated Flight 847 at Athens Airport June 14. So it goes in the record books as skyjacking and murder, not just a run-of-the-mill skyjacking.

This far after the event, when the media blitz has subsided, most people have gone on to other things. In fact you are probably in the minority if you have read this far after learning the subject of this commentary. But this is the period when things will or will not be done to improve the integrity of the international air transport system, things to make it less subject to the whims of the crazies and the more highly organized "Anti-Civilization Groups" around the world--the Shiites, the IRA, etc. …

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