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British Airways rolls out "new" Concorde. (cabin and exterior renovation)

British Airways rolls out "new' Concorde

To the skirling of a Scottish pipe band British Airways rolled out of its maintenance base here the first of its new-look supersonic Concorde airliners, completely refurbished with a fresh paint job on the outside and with the cabin re-designed in pale gray and white. It was a further major step in BA's progress towards a new "image' (see ATW, 2/85) which is reckoned to make the airline more attractive to private investors when it is denationalized, and which will have cost some 42 million ($51 million) by the time the job is complete.

Landor Associates, the San Franciscobased design consultants, masterminded the revised Concorde, as it has the rest of the fleet, sales shops, vehicles, promotion material, even visiting cards. John Diefenbach, Landor's president, explained to ATW the thinking behind the change. The old Concorde trim, which was largely in browns, gave a "very closed-in feeling,' he said, while there was a "sense of volume and space' with the new.

The new seats, in leather, similar to those seen in sports cars, are two inches lower in their backs than those which they supersede, and the backs themselves are contoured so that it is possible to see right down the long, narrow cabin. …

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