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Musical airlines. (airline economics) (editorial)

Musical airlines

Some years ago the United States Navy developed a special cap for its officers. The rim and the bill were black and permanent, but the lid, or top part, was removable. The Navy has many different uniforms depending upon season and part of the service. The color of the top part of the cap could be white, navy, tan or grey, at least that was the way it was some time ago. With the interchangeable lid an officer could get by with just the one rim and bill, simply changing the top part as required. U.S. airline pilots should consider the same arrangement for their caps. They might need one as they change from airline to airline, white for Pan Am, brown for United, etc.

The combination of the economic recession and deregulation of the U.S. airline industry has had a severe impact on cockpit personnel and their careers. We are currently in a period when the complexion is once again taking a decided turn, and the focus is the United Airlines pilot walkout in progress as we went to press. …

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