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Europe. (air lines) (1984 Market Development Report)


Aer Lingus: Passenger traffic continued to fall, but at a lesser rate, at the Irish carrier in 1984. Passenger boardings dipped 6.2% to 2,212,963 while RPKs were off 8.5% to 2.13 billion.

In its 1983-84 financial year, Aer Lingus posted a net profit of $8.5 million and operating income of $20 million on revenues of $457 million, up 13.1%. In the previous fiscal year it had a net loss of $1.7 million and an operating loss of $13.7 million.

Aermediterranea: An increase of 4.5% to 946,699 in passenger boardings was posted by the domestic and charter subsidiary of Alitalia in 1984. RPKs were up 0.9% to 672 million, while FTKs climbed 12.6% to just under two million.

Aermediterranea, which this year will be merged into Alitalia's other subsidiary, Aero Trasporti Italiani, operates a fleet of eight McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32s.

Aeroflot: The world's largest airline continued to show slow but steady growth in 1984. RPKs at the national carrier of the USSR were up 4.1% to 183.7 billion, passenger boardings rose 2.8% to 112.6 million and FTKs climbed 3.9% to 2.75 billion.

In its international services, Aeroflot flew 3.1 million passengers (up 9%), 11.3 billion RPKs (up 9.3%) and 315 million FTKs (up 14.7%).

Aero Trasporti Italiani: The Italian domestic carrier continued to enjoy rising traffic in 1984. Passenger boardings were up 2.4% to 3,276,937 and RPKs rose 2.6% to 1.59 billion.

ATI and Alitalia's other domestic subsidiary, Aermediterranea, will be merged this year as part of a total reorganization of the domestic network. Several of Alitalia's domestic routes in the south of Italy also will be turned over to ATI, as will 12 of Alitalia's McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30s. Additionally, ATI has been authorized to purchase a fleet of ATR 42s.

Air Charter: The charter subsidiary of Air France is said by its parent to have enjoyed a good year in 1984, but specific traffic data were not published. Air Charter has a fleet of four Boeing 727s, and also operates aircraft belonging to Air France, Air Inter and other carriers.

Air France: A six-fold increase in profits, good traffic growth, and introduction into service of the Airbus A310 were among last year's highlights at the French flag carrier. Three A310s entered the fleet and another three are on order, along with 25 A320s and the carrier's seventh Boeing 747 freighter.

Air France posted a net profit of $53 million in 1984 as revenues rose 13.9% to $2.4 billion. On the traffic side, passenger boardings were up 2.9% to just over 12 million, RPKs rose 1.2% to 28 billion, and freight jumped 14.8% to 2.4 billion FTKs.

Service was launched during the year to Larnaca in Cyprus, and from Marseilles to the French West Indies.

Air Inter: Healthy traffic growth continued in 1984 at the French domestic carrier. Passenger boardings rose 2.6% to 10,295,000, RPKs climbed 2.9% to 5.6 billion and FTKs were up 9.5% to 14.9 million.

AirMalta: Increases of 5.2% to 647,471 in passenger boardings, 5.4% to 1.18 billion in RPKs and 2% to 3.5 million in FTKs were posted in the year ending in March 1985 by the Maltese carrier. For the 1985-86 fiscal year, AirMalta is forecasting increases of 3.3% in passengers, 4.4% in RPKs and 11% in FTKs.

Operating revenues were off 14% to $61.8 million in 1984-85, while expenses fell 11.7% to $47.4 million. The operating profit of $14.1 million was down from $17.9 million a year earlier, and net profit fell to $881,000 from $2.6 million.

This year will see the computerization of AirMalta's reservations system by Aer Lingus. In April, the Maltese airline and Singapore Airlines launched a joint weekly service between Malta and Australia.

Alisarda: A significant increase in profits and good growth in traffic highlighted 1984 for the Italian carrier. …

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