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Suddenly big is better. (after deregulation hurt them, the large air lines are bouncing back) (editorial)

Suddenly big is better

Things happen quickly in the airline industry these days. Not just the little things, but the big things too. We were just finishing this 22nd Annual Market Development issue as this was being written. After pouring over all of the statistics for 1984 some important elements began to come into focus.

There were warnings as the great deregulation debates were taking place here in the United States that if the industry were actually deregulated the large airlines would have the advantage and eventually take over the industry. But in the first years of a deregulated industry things appeared to be going the other way. It was the smaller airline that prospered. Both Piedmont and Southwest Airlines tripled their passenger boardings from 1978 to last year. Piedmont was a local service carrier in 1978, is now a major. …

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