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Alyemda set for major expansion; South Yemen's carrier is in good financial shape and is readying decisions on new routes and equipment.

Aden--The People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (sometimes called South Yemen) is one of the world's lesser known countries, and its national airline, Alyemda, is virtually unknown outside the Middle East. Not a member of IATA and with a route system barely extending beyond the Middle East, the carrier has quietly consolidated itself since it started operations in early 1971 and soon will announce expansion plans likely to arouse interest in the world air transport industry.

If the nation, one of the poorest in the Arab League, and Alyemda are little known, the capital (and the airline's base) has a name which is familiar to many people. Aden was long a key refuelling point for ships going from Europe to India, the Far East and Australia as well as an important British military base. Alyemda's flights fan out from Aden's Khormaksar Airport, buildt for military use and currently shared by the airline and by the air force of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen.

From 1949 until the British pulled out in 1967 civil air transport was in the hands of Aden Airways, an affiliate of British Overseas Airways Corp. …

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