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Where to find CAB functions at DOT.; ATW's guide to the places within DOT where expatriate CAB staff and a few new faces carry on the grand tradition.

When the sun set on December 31, 1984, authority for government monitoring and regulation of United States airline economic matters rested with the Civil Aeronautics Board on the top three floors of the Universal Building, a haunt well-known by hordes of lawyers and airline executives.

At sunrise January 1, 1985, CAB authority transferred to the Department of Transportation at 400 7th St., S.W. Old habits changed. New rules and policies are in force or in the process of formulation.

How does one get to DOT and 7th Street? Whom do you see for matters having to do with regulations, subsidy payments, operations data, etc.? Who are the department heads? Where do they and their staffs hang their collective hats?

First, go to 7th Street and Independence Avenue. Turn south at the FAA/National Air && space Museum Buildings. Beyond the railroad tracks is the NASSIF building, heretofore popular among executives of the railroad, maritime and highway industry, but little known by air transportation executives.

Air Transport World did a walk-through of the new offices. We spoke with department heads, took their photos and noted their room numbers to aid all of those who are about to tackle the many areas now responsible for CAB functions, and for new rules and regultions to be promulgated. …

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