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Support gains for hypersonic "Orient Express"; proponents of a hypersonic transport urge early congressional-administration support to build a demonstrator by 1995.

There is growing support on Capitol Hill for The financing and launching of a "demonstrator" hypersonic transport to be flying before the year 2000.

Interest is being generated by world traders and business development leaders who say such a craft is essential to the United States achieving and holding a commanding share of world markets, especially in the Pacific Basin where great advances in world commerce are forecast before the turn of the century.

Accelerated communications and easier access to market areas, those remote to the U.S. According to proponents, would be possible with a Mach 5 transport, one that whisks passengers from Washington to tokyo in less than 3 hours; from Los Angeles to New York or from New York to Paris in one hour.

Congressional explorations have gathered much evidence and testimony from recognized experts to feel that the design and building of a viable and reliable 3500 mph transport is now possible--well within the state of the art.

Scott Crossfield, technical advisor to the House of Representative's subcommittee on Science and Technology, chaired by Rep. Dan Glickman (D-Kan.), told members of the National Transportation Research Board recently that the demonstrator or prototype aircraft design should be launched now "if we are going to meet the world trade competitive timetable by the year 2000." He said, "The industry has the know-how. The technology is available. All we need is $1.5 billion in government investment to make the craft a reality."

Supersonic Specialist

Crossfield's credentials are well established in the realm of supersonic flight. As a supersonic flight specialist and pilot for North American Aviation (now Rockwell) he flew the last U.S. high speed flight research aircraft--the X-15--to Mach 6 speeds and to altitudes of 90,000-plus feet. …

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