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American Eagle's flying: viewpoints mixed. (run by American Airlines, it competes with independent regionals)

After many weeks of rumors, American Airlines announced the beginning of its "American Eagle" commuter/Feeder network on October 24. The first application is at Dallas/Ft. Worth Int'L Airport where Metro Airlines and Chaparral Airlines are the first to sign agreements. (See ATW, 10/84, p 112.)

This action has sparked worldwide attention in the airline industry. It has also generated high concern and speculation as to its impact on the commuter/regional airline industry in the United States as it is structured today.

Duane Ekedahl, president, Regional Airline Association, foresees marked changes in the industry and the disappearance of the independent commuter/regional airline operator.

ATW soundings of many commuter/regional airline operator opinions echo his concerns. …

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