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IFA confidence centers on difficulty of international transfer of aircraft.

Vancouver--With international leasing and sales of used commercial transports rapidly increasing, representatives of airlines, manufacturers and certification authorities discussed in depth at the International Federation of Airworthiness conference the continuing difficulties involved in the international transfer of aircraft.

The financial implications of the problem were vividly illustrated by ARthur J. Walls of Guinness Peat Aviation (GPA) and Air Tara. A Boeing 737 coming off the U.S. register on to the U.K. register costs $250,000 to replace or add mandatory equipment. When GPA transferred an L-1011 from Japan to Sri Lanka, Lockheed was paid $400,000 for a new data base (maintenance manual) and another $300,000 was paid for physical modifications/airworthiness directives for compliance with registration requirements. "The point is," Walls declared, "that this same aircraft was operating safely and regularly in Japan and the money did not buy any more safety or regularity in Sri Lanka. …

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