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Commuter-regional engines.

Avco Lycoming ALF502R: Avco has three engines in it's 502R series. The ALF502R-3 is used on the British Aerospace 146-100 and is rated at 6,700 lbs. of thrust. The 502R-5 is rated at 6,970 lbs. of thrust and is used on the 146-200. These two engine types have been very successful since their introduction into service over a year ago. There is now a call for a higher thrust engine for the newly announced BAe 146-300, for which Avco is developing the 502R-7 with 7,500 lbs. of thrust. The fuel system on this new version has been modernized with the incorporation of a Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC), a high tech control system providing better engine management capability and less engine stress. Other improvements include air mass flow and pressure ratio increases; improved material in the first stage gas producer blades; and changes to the high pressure compressor casing to provide better tip clearance. …

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