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In-service airframes.

Aerospatiale Dauphin 2 SA365N: The Aerospatiale Dauphin 2 SA365N is a light twin-turbine helicopter designed for commercial use seating 9-13 passengers. New York Helicopter is using the aircraft for commuter-level type operations, and it was in use by Capitol Helicopters in Washington D.C. but that airline has ceased operations.

Aerospatiale Super Puma AS332:

There are various versions of the Super Puma including the C, which is the civilian version seating 19-22 passengers, and the L, which is a stretched civil version seating up to 25 passengers. The Super Puma is being used in commuter-level operations in Europe and was put into service in May of this year by the Golden Nugget Hotel andCasino in Atlantic City, N.J. This stretched version of the aircraft is equipped with 12 seats in a luxurious setting and is used to ferry select gambling customers between New York and Atlantic City, N.J.

Bell 222:

The Bell 222 is a multi-use helicopter. The basic version seats six, and the utility version seats 8-9 in commuter-level oprations. Cruise speed is approximately 140 kts. and range with maximum payload is 344 nm.

Beech 1900:

Beech 1900 deliveries began in early 1984 to Bar Harbor Airlines of Bangor, Maine. The company ordered 10 and deliveries of those are almost complete. There are 10 1900's still on orer--Cascade with four, Rio with five and Ryan with one. Deliveries of these 10 aircraft should be completed by the end of Marh 1985 and there is some question as to whether the 1900 production line will stay open after that.

Beech C99:

The C99 is an updated version of the successful Beech 99 program. …

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