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Emery Worldwide carries it all.

Dayton--Emery probably is the least discriminating hauler of overnight freight in the U.S. That is, Emery doesn't care what the load is--big or small, short-haul or international, Emery will not discriminate against any load it is asked to carry.

The heavy loads that other overnight haulers avoid are, in fact, Emery's golden goose. "That's where Emery is unique for overnight delivery," John C. Emery Jr., chairman and CEO, told ATW. "We've got the mousetrap no one else has."

That mousetrap, the ability to easily handle shipments weighing more than 70 lbs., even up to and exceeding 10,000 lbs., has captured for Emery 26-27% of the large package market, John Emery estimates, with the share expected to increase in 1985.

Emery is doing well, but then so is the entire domestic small package/express delivery business, as well as freight carriers domestic and international. As emery was posting a 25.8% increase in domestic and international shipments for the eight months of 1984, boosting deliveries from 5.27 million in 1983 to 6.64 million this year, the small package/express shippers reported to Air Transport Association a 43.6% increase in the first half, up to 73.82 million shipments. Total weight carried by Emery increased from 268.4 million lbs. in 1983 to 350.1 million in the first eight months this year.

On Emery's financial side increases also are noted, with first half profits of $14.j million up 45% from that of the preceding year.

Emergy handles all its freight, big and small, in its hub complex in Dayton, Ohio. This mixing of big and little, letters and bulk freight, in a common sorting center is a way of doing business that, according to conventional wisdom, is sheer madness, doomed to fail. …

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